Season 26

Weak Made Strong

Discovery Mountain summer camp is back in session! Camp Director Joyce Holt is in charge and ready for anything—right? A four-legged creature creates chaos and tests Joyce's sense of calling and strength. Hugo finds a way to keep winning at Capture the Flag! Is he cheating or being clever—or both?

Aug 9, 2023


In their final game of capture the flag, will the blue team win again—and honestly? Samson's story hits close to home for James. Is he really leaving?

Aug 2, 2023


Two trapped powerhouses are fighting to free themselves! What awaits the search team in the deep dark of night?

Jul 26, 2023


Harold and Logan have a plan to figure out how the blue team keeps winning. But their new vantage point will reveal more than just Hugo's secret...

Jul 19, 2023


Joyce and her brother are at odds. And the tension isn't limited to staff—the red team thinks blue is cheating! Is bribery a good solution, though?

Jul 12, 2023


The campers are ready for fun, but their first activity is a safety assembly. Drama auditions begin, and Hugo—suddenly doesn't want to play Samson?!

Jul 5, 2023


Camp's set to start in a week! Director Joyce Holt has her whistle ready—but will an aerial discovery force her to cancel camp before it ever begins?

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