Under Siege

A surprise trip outside of Discovery Mountain exposes old town rivalries. A scrumptious dessert becomes the target of suspicion. Is there any hope for a friendly conclusion? Or are things truly frozen over?

Season 28: Episode 1 - Feb 15, 2024

Cobbler’s End

A mysterious field trip! Where are they going? Who is Gertrude? Just how many desserts can one restaurant have?! Join us for a delicious new season.

Season 28: Episode 2 - Feb 22, 2024

Cake Conspiracy?

Flour + sugar + rumor + distrust = one sweet conspiracy! Breonna suspects Grizzly Mountain of recipe theft, but more testing is needed. Cake, anyone?

Season 28: Episode 3 - Feb 29, 2024


LOOK before you LEAP—and that goes for jumping to conclusions! Mailboxes are toppling, the mysteries deepening. And Carson can't control his temper...

Season 28: Episode 4 - Mar 7, 2024

Snowed In

Snow tubing, sledding, and sharing s'mores is a great way to make new friends and break down barriers. Can it de-frost everyone's attitudes?

Season 28: Episode 5 - Mar 14, 2024


Enemies at their worst declare war. That was Assyria, besieging Jerusalem and mocking God. What does such malice reveal about grace and understanding?

Season 28: Episode 6 - Mar 21, 2024


Take time to find the truth and get to know people! Breonna and co. learn the origins of the towns' rivalry. Carson's world grows a bit friendlier.