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Season 24

Bullies and Blessings

Miss Michelle feels it's time to grow her business. She faces devious competition, though, when a rival restaurant owner recruits a talented, but greedy, journalist to his cause. In Bible class, Jake makes the best of a difficult pet-sitting situation with a thrillingly relevant animal story! Hope Harold's paying attention—he could use some discipline with his video game addiction.

Minis 2022: Episode 6 - Mar 22, 2023

Around the Campfire!

Ever had a song stuck in your head? At Discovery Mountain Camp, the best songs are campfire songs—and they're awfully catchy! Listen and sing along!

Minis 2022: Episode 05 - Mar 15, 2023

Hazel and the Oil Can

Our fave library cat LC helps Gladys find an interesting old storybook. Listen to a spine-tingling tale of a daring girl and her brave intervention!

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Join Director Doug as he takes us through the process of remote recording with our voice talent in this special behind-the-scenes clip.