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Season 26

Weak Made Strong

Discovery Mountain summer camp is back in session! Camp Director Joyce Holt is in charge and ready for anything—right? A four-legged creature creates chaos and tests Joyce's sense of calling and strength. Hugo finds a way to keep winning at Capture the Flag! Is he cheating or being clever—or both?

Minis 2023: Episode 20 - Sep 20, 2023

Lost Lamb

Harold goes to rake an elderly neighbor's yard—and discovers more than just leaves. Meanwhile, Jake meets a new friend with a startling story!

Minis 2023: Episode 19 - Sep 13, 2023

We Need You

Jake must be hungry! He's getting ready for a youth meeting, but he's talking about...cake? And who are the mysterious visitors outside the door?

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Better Than Bear Hugs

Better Than Bear Hugs

It's Valentine's Day, and Isabel Garcia teaches Hugo what it truly means when it comes to God's love.
Hilarious Holidays

Hilarious Holidays

This holiday season Mrs. Olsen’s class created their own Christmas cards. Their holiday cards are hilarious!

Director Doug

Behind the Scenes: Remote Recording

Join Director Doug as he takes us through the process of remote recording with our voice talent in this special behind-the-scenes clip.