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Season 6

Being Neighborly

The campers are back at Discovery Mountain Camp. Everyone is in for a surprise when they hear a loud crash! The search and rescue mission begs the question "Who is my neighbor?" Listen as we discover the answer!

Season 6: Episode 4 - July 11, 2018

No Wash Outs!

Gathered around the campfire, the teen campers listen to Ms. Rawlings' story of why she became a pilot. It all started the Christmas of 1943.

Season 6: Episode 3 - July 4, 2018

Attention Overload

Dr. Simon and Nurse Megan are extra attentive to their injured patient, and Wyatt has an emergency in the Discovery Mountain Camp laundry room!

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Director Doug

The Real Pilots!

In “No Washouts” we hear the story of Ellie and other Women’s Airforce Service Pilots. Here are some of the real-life pilots who inspired this story! Click on the links below to go to the videos Director Doug shares:

Watch Barbara Erickson London Video

Watch Women Pilots’ Training Video