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Season 10

Oshkosh or Bust!

The Discovery Mountain Pathfinder Club is traveling to Oshkosh for Camporee! Director Gary wants to drive the bus they always take and keep up the tradition! Is the bus up for the journey, or will it exercise our Pathfinders' faith—and patience?

Season 10: Episode 1 - Jun 19, 2019

This Old Bus

The Discovery Mountain Pathfinders are on their way to Oshkosh—everyone but one. Who will miss this exciting trip?

Minis 2019: Episode 12 - Jun 12, 2019


Jake's sister, Olivia, is getting married. Did Jake forget something important for the big day?

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Director Doug

Season 9 Bloopers!

Join Director Doug and the voice actors in the studio for the Season 9 bloopers and a few sneak peek bloopers from our summer mini adventures.