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Season 2

Summer of Strife

It's time for Discovery Mountain Camp! Two campers, Ben and Judah discover that Discovery Mountain Camp isn't exactly what they expected—in more ways than one! In this season meet Miss Tamara and Miss Wendy, drama directors for the annual Discovery Mountain Camp drama production and listen to see if Ben and Judah can overcome their competition and jealousy and learn to get along.

Season 2: May 24, 2017

Episode 1

It's time for Discovery Mountain Camp! Meet Ben and Judah and see how Jake Donovan does as a camp counsellor!

Season 1: May 17, 2017

Episode 5

When Jamey and Gadget explore the summer cabins they hear a noise! Just who is hiding inside the cabin? Join us to find out.

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Watch Funny Behind the Scenes Video!

Our voice actors are talented people! Director Doug shares some funny behind the scenes video of our actors trying their lines.