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Minis 2019

Camporee “Chosen” Devotionals

Camporee “Chosen” Devotionals

Minis 2019: Episode 6 - Aug 18, 2019

You Be You

After a talk with Owen, Jake has rushed back to the campsite. What’s his hurry? Let’s find out in the conclusion of this devotional series.

Minis 2019: Episode 5 - Aug 17, 2019


Jake’s been a little distracted from the fun and the blessings of Camporee, and all because a stranger told him that he sounds different.

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Director Doug

Season 10 Bloopers!

It’s the end of another season here in Discovery Mountain, and as we like to do at the end of every season, we’re giving you some of our best bloopers from the cast. Listen carefully and you might hear lines to episodes that haven’t aired yet.