Weathering the Storm

The rainy spring weather seems to have given everyone in Discovery Mountain something to grumble and worry about! Worry is everywhere, but so is the reminder that even when things are darkest, God still has His people and a plan.

Season 29: Episode 1 - May 9, 2024

Drizzly Days

A drizzly spring day (or three) has given everyone something to grumble, growl, and worry about. This rain has to stop soon...right?!

Season 29: Episode 3 - May 23, 2024

Muddy Mess

A muddy disaster puts an entire class in danger. And one person feels terribly responsible for it all...until the Mud Guy helps in a surprising way.

Season 29: Episode 5 - Jun 6, 2024

Floating Faith

Bulldozers and excavators whir in a race to fix the school before a storm hits. Lily is armed with knowledge for a storm of words with the Mud Guy.

Season 29: Episode 4 - May 30, 2024

Animal Ark

There's a lot of skepticism in little Lily. The Mud Guy plunges into the Bible story of Noah and some natural history to provide some answers.

Season 29: Episode 6 - Jun 13, 2024

Rainbow Reminder

The students take a muddy, and illuminating, field trip. Carson and DS both have a poignant reminder that we're never alone—God always has a plan.

Season 29: Episode 2 - May 16, 2024

Crabby Classrooms

The rainy weather has the students—and teachers—feeling crabby! Reeder calls someone who may just be the perfect expert for a mud emergency.