Curious about how to record and save your vocal performances? This primer will give you a brief overview of software and how to use it.

In this part of the Voice Acting 101 series, we’ll be covering recording software. There are actually quite a few options for you to use if you’re looking to record yourself whether it’s for a podcast or for voice acting.

What software can I record myself with?

Depending on how in-depth you want to go or how much you have to spend, it will make a difference in the software you choose to go with. There are several different options available.

Audio Software

  • Audacity – Cost: Free
  • Adobe Audition – Cost: $20.99 a month subscription
    • We use this for Discovery Mountain and I use it personally.

Video Software

NOTE: You can subscribe to specific products, such as Audition and Premiere, or to a package of products through Creative Cloud Complete. Adobe offers a 60% discount to students and teachers. They also offer non-profit discounts. You can get more information here.

Saving Your Recordings

How should I save my recordings? That’s a question that we sometimes hear when recording actors remotely. So what formats or audio quality should I save my audio in?

More than likely for just starting out, you’ll be using Audacity. So for this example I’ll show you how you should save the files.

  1. This portions displays your default microphone. If you have more than one for example a dedicated microphone or a webcam, you do not want to use the webcam audio.
  2. This portion displays your default listening device. You’ll want to be sure it’s not an external speaker or monitor audio and that it’s a set of headphones.

  1. To save your recording, click File.
  2. Select the Export option.
  3. Select, Export as MP3.

  1. Be sure to type in the file name here. For example I typed the season, episode with a hyphen for the scene number, followed by the character name.
  2. Click Average.
  3. Select the quality as 192kbps.
  4. Click Save in your designated area.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll be discussing screenwriting and script software. Until next time, Producer Steve signing off.