How can you purchase seasons of Discovery Mountain? It’s now all digital.

Moving on from CD sets

So it’s been some time since we’ve had Discovery Mountain CD sets and new seasons available for purchase. There have been several reasons for this. First, we lacked adequate inventory for the CD sets. Secondly, we decided after Season 16 that we were no longer going to have physical CD sets available. Why not? In short, technology and costs. In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, CDs are quickly becoming antiquated and unsupported. Modern vehicles and other devices no longer have CD players, being replaced with USB ports and digital or wireless media players. Due to this, the costs of producing CDs are significantly higher, along with the cost of carrying inventory—costs beyond our capacity to create and support CD products.

So what does that mean for you?

We’ve been working hard to set up a new method to get you seasons faster and more efficiently: digital/MP3 downloads!

You might have some reservations about this, though—and we totally understand not wanting your kids to be hooked on screens and digital media. As a parent, my wife and I don’t let our own kids sit in front of a device, either, and so having a device that they can operate on their own without a flashy screen of colors is important to us, too, while they listen.

While purchased episodes will be delivered to you as digital downloads—MP3 files in a compressed zip folder format—how you place them on a device is completely up to you. 

For example, I do know that a single season (a 6-episode season) can be burned to an MP3 data CD and played on a compatible MP3 data CD player. Vehicles typically between 2005-2012 still had this feature, but by 2010, USB ports started to appear in many vehicles as well, and a bit later CD players began to be phased out.

Of course, you don’t have to be limited to playing CDs in the car—you can purchase a standalone MP3 CD player. I bought one for my kids, and it’s been a very helpful device for evenings and bedtime listening. My sons, for instance, each have one—the type that has a USB port. We put the episode files on a USB flash drive and plug it in to play. We made sure it was a low-profile drive so it doesn’t break off if bumped (my kids have done this). Low-profile flash drives, for those who are unaware, are literally the size of a thumbnail and over 90% of the device disappears inside the port.

Here are the products we’ve used and enjoyed:

So while it may require a little different way of going about it, this is probably the simplest screenless solution. Plus, if you have a vehicle with a USB auxiliary port for the in-vehicle stereo, in the glove compartment, or in the console, it can be taken on road trips, which is a huge lifesaver. And then you have all the seasons in one place!

Do I need to purchase them?

Yes. Our digital downloads are available for purchase on this site at or in the Voice of Prophecy store. After checkout, you’ll be taken to a page with a download button for the files, and you’ll also receive an email with a download link in case you need to get them later.

We hope that this new purchasing method helps you and your family to enjoy Discovery Mountain wherever you go. I hope this guide has been helpful—if you have any additional questions, please contact us through the form below.

—Producer Steve