Wyatt’s Faith Exercise

March 8, 2018

Wyatt sighed as he opened to doors to Trekkers. He clutched his right thumb in his left hand but why?

Wyatt’s Faith Exercise

By: Jean Boonstra

Wyatt sighed as he opened to doors to Trekkers. He clutched his right thumb in his left hand. “Jamey,” Wyatt asked with a sigh, “where does Mr. Simon keep the first aid kit?”

Jamey set down the science experiment she was working on in her Grandad’s store. “What happened Wyatt?” she asked sounding concerned.

Wyatt held up his thumb.

“Wyatt, you’re bleeding,” Jamey said quickly reaching for the first aid kit.

“Yeah,” Wyatt sighed. “I was helping Mr. Simon fix the broken floorboard at the Discovery Mountain Camp cafeteria and I cut my thumb on a loose board.”

“Here’s a bandage,” Jamey said. “Are you going to be ok?”

“I think so,” Wyatt answered. He rinsed his thumb under cool water, dried it, and wrapped it in the clean bandage.  “There. It’ll be OK.” Wyatt sighed.

Jamey scrunched her eyebrows together quizzically. “Wyatt, what’s wrong?”

Wyatt thrust his hands into his pockets and shrugged. “Jamey, everything seems to be going wrong. I really need an after-school job to make some money. I thought that I could help Mr. Simon fix up the cafeteria.”

Jamey put the first aid kit back on the shelf behind the cash register. “Yeah, the cafeteria is falling apart all around us. I’m sorry that working there doesn’t seem to be working out for you Wyatt.”

“Jamey, it just seems as if everything is going wrong,” said Wyatt.

“It can seem like that Wyatt,” Jamey answered. Wyatt interrupted before she could finish her sentence.

“Jamey, Mr. Simon doesn’t think everything is going wrong! He told me that he’s happy that the propane stove exploded in the cafeteria,” Wyatt answered as he dropped into a chair.

“Wyatt, I don’t think that he was happy that the propane stove exploded!” Jamey answered sitting down across the Trekkers table from Wyatt.

“Jamey, Mr. Simon said that he was thankful that he wasn’t standing next to the propane stove when it exploded. He said that he was thankful that only the cafeteria was damaged and not any people,” Wyatt explained.

“Wyatt, my Grandad meant that he’s thankful that even in the worst circumstances, God took care of him!” Jamey explained.

“I don’t understand how Mr. Simon can be thankful to God when he was in so much danger!” Wyatt shuffled his feet as he thought. “How can he say that everything works out for the good for those who love the Lord?”

Jamey smiled. “Ah, Romans 8:28 that’s one of his favorite verses!”

Wyatt leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. “Jamey, everything doesn’t seem to be working out for the good for me. Everything seems to be working out for the ‘bad’.”

Jamey was quiet for a minute. Then she smiled. “Wyatt, I guess you’re just going to need to get more exercise.”

Wyatt frowned. “Exercise? I get plenty of exercise.”

Jamey leaned across the table. “I mean exercising your faith. You’ll see, Wyatt. God protected my Grandad today in the cafeteria and he’ll take care of you too.”

Wyatt almost smiled. “I hope you’re right Jamey. I hope you’re right.”

Wyatt is one of the main characters in Discovery Mountain Season 4 called, “Just In Time.”