Who Is My Neighbor?

June 10, 2018

The summer campers at Discovery Mountain Camp rush outside to see what caused the horrible crashing sound.

Who Is My Neighbor?

By: Jean Boonstra


The summer campers at Discovery Mountain Camp rush outside to see what caused the horrible crashing sound.

“I saw it!” Judah said as he ran towards them, breathless. “I saw the plane crash!”

“A plane crashed?” Ben asked worriedly scanning the skies for smoke. Then he spotted the thick black smoke coming from the forest just behind Discovery Mountain Camp. “We have to see what happened!”

“Wait for me,” Judah called after him. “We have to see if the pilot is ok!”

The campers, the counselors, and everyone living in Discovery Mountain ran towards the thick black smoke. They were all eager to find out if the pilot was alright. As they rushed towards the crash site, they had no idea that the pilot wandered into Discovery Mountain.

“Oooh, my head,” pilot Bonnie Rawlings moaned as she stumbled into the now-empty town. She wandered around, confused for a little while, and then sat down in the shade. Propped up against the Discovery Mountain Camp sign, pilot Bonnie Rawlings hoped that someone would find her.

All afternoon people looked for the injured pilot in the forest. Finally, towards evening Dr. Simon realized that all of the rescuers would need rescuing if they didn’t get some food and water!

“I’ll gather water bottles and snacks,” said Mr. Simon from behind the counter at Trekkers. “Why don’t you head over to the hospital and set up tables for the supplies for the rescuers.”

“Good idea,” said Dr. Simon, and then she added thoughtfully. “I pray that we find the injured pilot before sundown.”

“Me too,” Mr. Simon agreed.

Dr. Simon walked over to the hospital and Gadget followed, happily waggling his tail. Walking, they passed the injured pilot sitting propped up in the shade. Gadget barked and ran towards her.

“Gadget, come back here boy,” Dr. Simon called. Gadget stopped and looked back. “Come on boy,” Dr. Simon continued, “we have hundreds of people that need our help. We have to get to the hospital.”

Seeing Gadget approaching the injured pilot reached out her hand. “Water,” she said weakly.

Dr. Simon didn’t hear her ask for water and certainly didn’t realize that she was the injured pilot. “Gadget, I have to get to the hospital, I’m sorry that I just don’t have the time to help one woman.”

Gadget barked in protest and then stopped in the path. He watched as Dr. Simon walked into the hospital and then ran across the street to the injured pilot. He gently licked her hand. He didn’t have water, but he could keep her company until help arrived.

“Hey doggie,” the injured pilot mumbled, and then she almost smiled looking down at Gadget.

Gadget wagged his tail. She liked his company! Now, if only someone would come along and help.

Listen to find out if the injured pilot gets help or not in Season 6 Episode 2 called “Who Is My Neighbor.”