Were You Scared?

April 12, 2021

From KidsView May 2021 – Were You Scared? – By: Jean Boonstra

Were You Scared?

By: Jean Boonstra

The doors to Trekkers swung open and Officer Lewis and his son Logan walked inside.

“Officer Lewis,” Natasha said greeting them. “One of my students made something for you.”

Officer Lewis picked up the wood carving and admired it.

“That looks just like the one we saw on our hike,” Logan said.

“What’d you see on your hike?” Harold asked, overhearing from where he was shopping.

“Oh, hey Harold,” Logan said. “You’re back from your trip to the city.”

“Yeah. So, what’d you see on your hike?” Harold asked again.

“This!” Logan said showing him the wood carving.

“Whoa!” Harold exclaimed.

“Tell Harold the story, Dad!” Logan encouraged.

Officer Lewis pulled up a crate and sat down. Shoppers gathered around to listen. “Well,” he began, “the other day Logan and I got up early for a long hike.”

“I even bought some new hiking boots,” Logan added.

“Yes,” Officer Lewis nodded. “We climbed up to Lookout Ledge and then we followed a trail back into the woods.”

“And then,” Logan added dramatically. “We saw it!”

“Yes, we saw her,” Officer Lewis corrected. “But she saw us first!”

“Were you scared?” Harold asked, his eyes wide.

“No,” Officer Lewis answered. “We knew what to do.”

“We stood very still,” Logan said. “And then we stretched to look as big and tall as we could.”

“Yes,” Officer Lewis continued. “We took a small step backwards, but she didn’t like that. She stood up on two legs!”

“You must’ve been scared then,” Harold said.

“No,” Officer Lewis said. “I pulled Logan behind me and we took another slow step backwards. Then she roared.”

“Oh no! You must have been scared then!” Harold exclaimed.

“No,” Officer Lewis said. “Then I saw why she was upset. We were moving closer to her baby.”

“There was a baby bear beside a tree on the side of the trail,” Logan added.

“I realized the big bear standing on two legs roaring at us was a mama protecting her baby,” Officer Lewis said.

“So, what did you do?” Harold asked.

“We took a slow step backwards, but this time away from the baby bear. And then another step and another. The mama bear stopped roaring and got down off of her two legs. She watched us as we backed slowly down the trail. Then, when we were almost out of sight, she ran over to the baby bear.”

“She looks scary.” Harold said looking at the wood carving of the bear standing on two legs.

“Harold, before our hike, Logan and I had our worship and we read Lamentations 3:57 ‘You drew near on the day I called on You, and said, ‘Do not fear!’”

“As soon as I saw the bear I prayed,” Logan said. “I called on God and He helped me to not feel afraid.”

“Me too, son, and God answered our prayers,” Officer Lewis added. “And this wood carving will always remind me…”

“Of the bear?” Harold interrupted.

“Of how God took care of us,” Officer Lewis answered with a smile. “So,” he asked with a grin. “Who’s up for a hike this weekend?”

“Too soon, dad,” Logan laughed. “Too soon.”