Summer of Strife

May 16, 2017

One of the highlights of Discovery Mountain summer camp is the drama production!

Summer of Strife

By Jean Boonstra

One of the highlights of Discovery Mountain summer camp is the drama production! All week the campers practice their parts for the big play on the final Saturday night. Miss Wendy and Miss Tamara are the drama coaches and they’re getting the campers ready for the play. Let’s listen to their rehearsal.

“Welcome Tween campers!” said Miss Wendy from the front of the tent, “I hope you’re ready to have some fun, to work hard, and to learn more about God.”

“How many of you campers ever fight with your brothers and sisters?” asked Miss Tamara.

More than half of the hands in the tent went up.

“Well, you are just the right group of campers for this year’s drama—The Story of Joseph,” said Miss Tamara.

“Now before we begin, campers,” said Miss Wendy, “there’s something you need to know about Miss Tamara. She’s the nice drama coach.”

Miss Tamara smiled wide and said, “that’s right I’m the nice one!”

“So, what does that make me?” asked Miss Wendy with a very serious look on her face.

The campers sat in silence. George Simon, the founder of Discovery Mountain Camp was the only person to dare to answer. With a grandfatherly twinkle in his eye, he jokingly answered, “The not-so-nice one!”

Miss Wendy and Miss Tamara responded in unison. “Mr. Simon!” they jokingly scolded and laughed.

“Now that we have that figured out, let’s start rehearsing. Campers please take a script and pass it along,” said Miss Wendy. “I’m going to need 12 boys to play Joseph and his brothers of course, and Mr. Simon, you’re just the person to play Jacob!”

“Alright Miss Wendy, whatever you say,” Mr. Simon said with a chuckle.

Maybe it was the warm afternoon air, but for some reason, camper Judah just couldn’t concentrate on the drama rehearsal. As Miss Wendy and Miss Tamara read through the script, called for volunteers to audition and everyone else listened, Judah yawned. He tore one page of the script out of the staple and started to fold it. Quietly he folded the paper back and forth until it was the shape of an airplane. When Miss Wendy turned her back to look at the backdrop, he couldn’t resist—Judah threw the paper airplane!

Did Miss Wendy catch Judah? Would you like to hear what happened next in the story?  You can! This story is part of Episode 2 of the Discovery Mountain Summer of Strife story series.