August 24, 2020

Join Ms. Jean as she tells a story about Sharing what we learn in the Bible with others, even at school!


By: Ms. Jean

Madison neatly filled in the answer on the page. “I’m all done,” she said, smiling at her dad.

“You’re nearly done with these Bible studies,” her dad said looking over her answers.

“I know. I learned so much,” Madison answered thoughtfully.

“Now you’re ready to share what you’ve learned with others,” her dad encouraged.

“Dad,” Madison said, “I wish that I could share this with the kids at my school.”

“Well,” her dad replied, “Why couldn’t you?”

Madison’s face lit up. “Maybe I could! There are a lot of kids at my school. I’m going to need someone to help me.”

The next day during study hall Madison could hardly concentrate on her homework. “Madalyn,” she whispered to her friend. “I’m doing Bible studies at home.”

“Oh? Are they fun?” Madalyn asked.

“I love them, I’m learning a lot,” Madison said. “I thought that it would be fun to give Bible studies to the younger kids here at school.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea. I can help you!” Madalyn whispered a little too loudly.

“Shhh,” Madison giggled. “Let’s type up our ideas.”

“Good idea,” said Madalyn.

Together Madison and Madalyn typed up their idea to give Bible studies to the younger students. Madison would lead a 3rd and 4th grade group and Madalyn would lead a 1st and 2nd grade group. When study hall ended, they printed out their idea and placed the paper on Mrs. Brown’s, their 5th grade teacher, desk.

The next morning Mrs. Brown called them to her desk. “Alright class, it’s time for recess. Madison and Madalyn, come up to my desk, please,” she said.

Madison and Madalyn approached Mrs. Brown’s desk. For a moment they wondered if they were in trouble.

“I talked to each of the teachers about your Bible study idea,” Mrs. Brown said with a warm smile.

“What did they say?” Madalyn asked, the relief of not being in trouble tumbling out in her words.

“All the teachers agreed,” Mrs. Brown answered. “We all think that it’s a wonderful idea!”

“Thank you, Mrs. Brown,” the girls answered and ran outside to finish planning.

Finally, the day of their first small group arrived.  During their recess time, Madison and Madalyn walked to the younger students’ classrooms.

Each of the 1st and 2nd graders gathered around Madalyn. They looked up verses, took turns reading, and filled in the answers in the Bible study lessons together.

Next door in the 3rd and 4th grade classroom, Madison worked hard to keep her group’s attention. There were a few students who couldn’t join her Bible study group. These students sat across the room and worked on their missing schoolwork.

“Did you find the answer to question number 3,” Madison asked Benson*.

Benson didn’t hear her question. He was distracted by watching his friend across the room spinning his pencil on the desk top.

“Benson?” Madison gently asked.

“Oh, sorry,” Benson said turning back around in his seat. “I was distracted—look at that pencil spinning!”

“Oh, I see it,” Madison answered. “Benson,” she asked. “Do you like studying the Bible?”

“Oh yeah,” Benson answered enthusiastically. “I love it!”

“Oh, good,” Madison answered. “Now let me help you find the answer to question number 3.”

Madison and Madalyn studied the Bible with their small groups all school year. A few months before summer break they had another idea.

“My group is almost finished the Bible studies,” Madalyn told Madison over lunch.  “We should celebrate!”

“I know,” Madison agreed. “My group too.”

“How do we celebrate with them?” Madalyn wondered.

“Should we get them all a little present?” Madison pondered.

Madalyn crinkled up her sandwich baggie and tossed it into the trash can. “What do you get someone who just finished a Bible study?” she puzzled.

Madalyn and Madison’s eyes locked over the lunchroom table. “A Bible!” they said in unison.

“Oh, I know just the one,” Madison added. “I’ll ask my dad to help us.”

Madison’s dad helped them with their idea. The Bibles arrived and were ready earlier than expected. Which, as they were about to discover, was a very good thing.

“Class, take your seats and listen carefully,” Mrs. Brown announced to her class.

“What’s going on?” Madison whispered to Madalyn.

Madalyn shrugged her shoulders. “Probably something to do with the virus that’s making a lot of people sick,” she said.

“You’ve all probably heard about the virus COVID-19,” Mrs. Brown explained. Madalyn was right. “In order to keep you and your families healthy, we’re finishing in-person school early this year.”

The in-person school was finishing early for the year. Madison and Madalyn would have to say good-bye to their small groups earlier than they expected.

“We have to give our Bible study groups their presents,” Madalyn said.

“Let’s do it as soon as we can,” answered Madison.

Together Madison and Madalyn, along with the teachers, handed out the Bibles.

“Look, Benson,” Madison said turning to the back pages of his brand-new Bible. She pointed to the surprise at the back of the Bible.  “Our Bible studies are at the back.”

“Oh, cool,” Benson beamed. “Now I can finish!”

“And,” Madison said smiling, “now you’re ready to share what you’ve learned with others.”

“I will,” Benson grinned. Madison and Madalyn watched as Benson carefully placed his new Bible in his backpack to take home.

Madalyn smiled at Madison. “I’m glad we did this,” she whispered.

“Me, too,” Madison said with a grin. “Me, too.”

*Benson is not his real name. It has been changed for privacy’s sake.