Oshkosh or Bust!

July 8, 2019

 In Season 10 of Discovery Mountain, the Pathfinders are getting ready for their trip to Oshkosh for Camporee

Oshkosh or Bust!

By Jean Boonstra

 In Season 10 of Discovery Mountain, the Pathfinders are getting ready for their trip to Oshkosh for Camporee

Natasha carried the large cooking pot into Trekkers to return to Mr. Simon.

“Oh, you don’t need it for Camporee,” Mr. Simon asked taking the pot from her.

“No,” Natasha answered with a yawn, “it isn’t big enough.”

Mr. Simon noticed her tired took. “Natasha, sit down and talk to your grandad for a minute.”

Natasha slumped happily into the chair. Packing for Camporee was exhausting work!

“You’ve been a great Pathfinder co-director these past few months,” Mr. Simon began.

Natasha yawned. “Really? It’s so much work. I’m exhausted and we haven’t even left for Oshkosh yet!”

“It is a lot of work,” Mr. Simon agreed. “Why do you help with Pathfinders?”

Natasha paused—she hadn’t really thought about it before. “It’s because I love the kids. I want to get to know Jesus better through our Club.”

“It shows that you love them,” Mr. Simon said with a knowing smile. “I want you to think about something during your trip to Camporee.”

“Sure, what is it,” Natasha asked with a quizzical look on her face.

“It’s time for a new director for the Discovery Mountain Pathfinder Club,” Mr. Simon said quietly.

“Really?” Natasha asked, surprised. “Who could ever replace Mr. Gary?”

“Dennis Gary is a good director,” Mr. Simon agreed. “I recommended him as director myself. I have reason to believe,” Mr. Simon continued, “that his time as director is nearly over.”

“Who could ever replace him?” Natasha pondered.

“That’s what I want you to think and pray about, Natasha,” Mr. Simon said, his wise eyes crinkling into a smile. “I believe that you should be the next director.”

Natasha was so surprised she nearly fell backward in her chair! “Me,” she squeaked, “I’m a newbie co-director. The kids don’t think of me as a director. Mr. Gary is so tall and has that deep voice. He looks like he’s in charge.”

“You remember the theme of Camporee, right?” Mr. Simon asked slowly.

“Yes, Chosen the story of David,” Natasha answered instantly. Her eyes widened as she realized what her grandad meant. “Oh!”

“Yes, God chose David to be King and he didn’t look like a king at that time.”

“I’ll pray about it, Grandad,” Natasha answered standing up slowly.

“Get some rest, you have a long trip to Oshkosh ahead of you,” Mr. Simon smiled.

“Oshkosh or Bust!” Natasha said. She left Trekkers with a new idea—and new prayer—in her heart.