July 16, 2017

Have you ever been “oatmealing”? Are you wondering what that is, and if it is even a real word?


By: Jean Boonstra

Have you ever been “oatmealing”? Are you wondering what that is, and if it is even a real word? Well, if you haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Judah and Ben learned the hard way just what it’s all about.

“Oatmeal for breakfast at summer camp? Really!?” said Ben sounding disappointed.

“Come on, Ben,” said Counsellor Jake enthusiastically, “oatmeal is good for you! Sprinkle it with raisins and cinnamon, it’s delicious.”

Ben shuffled his feet and yawned. He hadn’t slept well the night before and he was a grumpy camper. To make the morning even worse, the only seat he could find was across from Judah. Judah and Ben did not exactly get along.

“Today is archery day, are you boys looking forward to it?” asked Counsellor Jake with his contagious smile.

“I can’t wait for archery,” answered Judah excitedly. “I was pretty good at it when I was little.”

Ben sighed and sarcastically said, “As good as you are at swimming?”

“Hey!” hollered Judah, “I’m a good swimmer, and I’m good at archery.”

“Whatever,” Ben grumped.

“Now, Ben,” answered Counsellor Jake, his voice sounding a little nervous, “Why don’t you eat something? You might feel better.”

Judah pushed Ben’s bowl of oatmeal toward him. “Yeah, Ben, eat it!”

“Don’t push that at me,” yelled Ben pushing it away.

“Eat it grumpy Ben,” Judah taunted pushing the bowl back towards him. Ben pushed it back and this time the bowl slid right off of the table and crashed onto the floor. There was oatmeal everywhere!

“Now look at what you two did,” said Counsellor Jake. “Judah and Ben, clean it up right now!”

Judah threw Ben a stinging look and started to stand up. His foot landed squarely in a splatter of oatmeal and slipped out from underneath him. Judah slid around as if he were ice skating! Everyone held their breath.

“Whoa!” Judah fell over, catching his fall with his hand. “Owe, my wrist, I think I broke my wrist!”

“Judah are you okay?” Counselor Jake leaned over him to see how badly he was hurt.

Judah grimaced as the Counsellors checked his wrist. “Oatmealing,” he moaned. “That’s not the coolest way to break your wrist at Camp!”

Oatmealing” isn’t a real word. We made it up in Discovery Mountain—a good place to use our imaginations! Join us and hear the rest of Judah and Ben’s story and stream episodes on demand at www.discoverymountain.com and leave the “oatmealing” to your imagination, too!