Jochebed’s Faith

May 10, 2018

After baby Moses was rescued from the Nile River by Pharaoh’s daughter he went home to live with his birth family for several years.

Jochebed’s Faith

By: Jean Boonstra

After baby Moses was rescued from the Nile River by Pharaoh’s daughter he went home to live with his birth family for several years. Moses’ mother Jochebed used every moment of those years to teach Moses about the God of Heaven.

“Moses! Moses,” his mother Jochebed called out looking out towards the flowing Nile River.

“Mother,” his big sister Miriam answered, “he’s playing with Aaron by the Nile.” Miriam smiled and with a giggle added, “Look! They found a frog.”

Jochebed smiled and watched her sons at play. “Miriam,” she said to her daughter, “would you send Moses to me and play with Aaron for a while? Tell Moses to bring the frog with him.”

“Yes mother,” Miriam happily agreed and walked over to the River’s edge. Gently she got her youngest brother’s attention and pointed back at their mother.

Moses toddled towards Jochebed. “Look mother,” he said lifting his pudgy hand proudly to his mother. “It’s a frog!”

Jochebed bent over to look at the wriggling creature. “Now, don’t hold on too tightly,” she said with a laugh, “he won’t be able to breathe!”

Moses loosened his hand just a little and the frog tried to escape! “And not that loosely!” Jochebed said catching the frog before he leaped to freedom. Giggling, Jochebed removed her scarf from around her shoulders and caught the frog up in its soft fabric. Mother and son bent over and admired the creature.

“Look at his long legs,” Jochebed said. “God made this frog Moses. He made all the frogs.”

Moses ran his little finger along one of the frog’s long legs. “God made the frogs,” he said.

Jochebed smiled. “Yes, Moses, God created the frogs for leaping!”

As if on cue the frog leaped again trying to escape! Jochebed moved quickly and caught him back into the safety of her scarf.

Smiling Jochebed said “Moses God created the frogs, and He created you and He created me. He is the one true God who has the power to create.”

Moses smiled up at his mother listening to her, his pudgy hand resting gently on the frog’s back.

“God alone hears our prayers,” Jochebed continued, “and He alone can help us.” Jochebed’s smile vanished for just a moment and when it returned so did a look of thoughtfulness. “Remember that Moses,” Jochebed added looking lovingly at her young son. “Remember that God created the frogs and He alone is the one who deserves our praise.”

Moses ran his hands over the frog’s bumpy skin. “I’ll remember mama,” he said with a heartfelt smile. “Look at the frog’s big eyes mama,” he added with a giggle.

“Yes, God designed his eyes to look just as they do Moses.” Jochebed kissed her son’s bent head gently. In a quiet voice, she added, “Moses, when you are in the palace don’t forget this. Don’t ever forget your family’s faith. God will be with you.”

This is how the Freshman Bible class at Discovery Mountain Academy imagined Jochebed sharing her faith with Moses. Did your mother share her faith with you? Tell her thank you this Mothers’ Day!

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