June 17, 2019

Come visit us at booth #100 in Hangar A and listen to our new series of Camporee-themed audio devotionals!

After producing an entire season about the Discovery Mountain Pathfinders’ trip to Camporee (which you can listen to here), the Discovery Mountain team is making their own journey! We’ll be at the 2019 International Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin August 13-17. Come find us at booth #100 in Hangar A for a chance to fly Blue Birdie, meet Director Doug, Ms. Jean, Jake, and Jamey (and more of your favorite characters!), and pick up some awesome merch at Trekkers. We can’t wait to see you!

We’ve also created a 6-part never-before-heard series of audio devotionals called “Chosen.” The episodes will be released each day during Camporee right here (and wherever you listen to podcasts).

August 13: “The Neighbor”
August 14: “Breakfast Sizzle”
August 15: “Cowboy Jake”
August 16: “Where’s Jake?”
August 17: “Unmissable”
August 18: “You Be You”

Pathfinder directors, these short devotionals are perfect for morning worship with your club. To find out how you can gain early access to these recordings and download them before you ever leave for Oshkosh, email us at discoverymountain@vop.com.

For more information on Camporee, visit the website at camporee.org.

If you arrived on this page and were really excited to listen to the special Camporee devotionals mini’s, you’re going to want to visit the homepage. Every day the homepage and our podcast feeds will be updated with the latest devotional episodes to listen to. Tune in, enjoy and have a great time at Camporee 2019!