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Ms. Jean’s Top Ways to Share Your Faith with Discovery Mountain

1. Choose your favorite episode. Think about why the faith exercise in the episode is meaningful to you. Tell your neighbor, friend, or cousin all about it and invite them to listen to the episode, too. Send them a text message or write them a letter! 

2. Share with your class. Whether you’re in school or part of a Bible class at church, ask your teacher if you can tell the class about Discovery Mountain and how it exercises your faith. You can tell them about your favorite episode or hand out bookmarks.

3. Start a book club. If you love to read, why not start a book club? Choose a favorite book that exercises your faith and share with your friends just how much Jesus means to you. We’ve created a special Discovery Mountain book that’s designed for sharing—click here to get your own copy of the book.

4. Set up a booth. Look for events in your area where your family or church can set up a small booth to share your faith. Ideas include the fall fair at a local school, a Fourth of July community event, or a health fair. Share bookmarks and CDs or sell healthy baked goods as you share your faith.  

5. Go door to door. Ask a parent first and team up to share your faith around your neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors about your favorite episode and invite them to listen, or place our specially designed door hangers (available in our store) on their doors. 

Bonus tip: Once your friends, neighbors, and cousins start to exercise their faith, invite them to study the Bible further. There are amazing free Bible studies for people of all ages here.