Weak Made Strong

Discovery Mountain summer camp is back in session! Camp Director Joyce Holt is in charge and ready for anything—right? A four-legged creature creates chaos and tests Joyce's sense of calling and strength. Hugo finds a way to keep winning at Capture the Flag! Is he cheating or being clever—or both?

Season 26: Episode 01 - Jul 5, 2023


Camp's set to start in a week! Director Joyce Holt has her whistle ready—but will an aerial discovery force her to cancel camp before it ever begins?

Season 26: Episode 02 - Jul 12, 2023


The campers are ready for fun, but their first activity is a safety assembly. Drama auditions begin, and Hugo—suddenly doesn't want to play Samson?!

Season 26: Episode 03 - Jul 19, 2023


Joyce and her brother are at odds. And the tension isn't limited to staff—the red team thinks blue is cheating! Is bribery a good solution, though?

Season 26: Episode 04 - Jul 26, 2023


Harold and Logan have a plan to figure out how the blue team keeps winning. But their new vantage point will reveal more than just Hugo's secret...

Season 26: Episode 05 - Aug 2, 2023


Two trapped powerhouses are fighting to free themselves! What awaits the search team in the deep dark of night?

Season 26: Episode 06 - Aug 9, 2023


In their final game of capture the flag, will the blue team win again—and honestly? Samson's story hits close to home for James. Is he really leaving?