Mini Adventures 2018

Enjoy brand new content every week! New mini adventures will air on the weeks between seasons. Mini programming, same big adventure!

Minis 2018: Episode 1 - Mar 14, 2018

Faith Exercise!

Learn the faith exercise involved in creating the Discovery Mountain program!

Minis 2018: Episode 2 - Mar 21, 2018

Sneak Peek of Season 5

Enjoy a sneak peek of Season 5 which begins on March 28, 2018!

Minis 2018: Episode 3 - Jun 6, 2018

Meet Judah!

Get to know Grant Velbis, the voice actor who plays Judah Harris!

Minis 2018: Episode 4 - Jun 13, 2018

Camp Music

Join us for a behind the scenes listen to the Discovery Mountain Camp music with Mr. Garcia and Ms. Tamara!

Minis 2018: Episode 5 - Aug 1, 2018

Birthday Blip!

Jake discovers Elise crying on the front steps after school. He quickly finds out why she's upset!

Minis 2018: Episode 6 - Aug 8, 2018

The Russian Pilot

Ellie delivers her plane to Montana, but her mission of encouragement isn't over yet!

Minis 2018: Episode 7 - Aug 15, 2018

The Lady and the Frog

Wyatt and Ben plan a skit for Mr. Garcia and Ben takes all the credit! Listen as we go back to summer camp for this mini adventure.

Minis 2018: Episode 8 - Aug 22, 2018

Meet Wyatt!

Get to know Wyatt in an interview with Ms. Jean and Director Doug.

Minis 2018: Episode 9 - Aug 29, 2018

First Things First

Mrs. Lee makes a surprise visit to her sister Katie and helps her with her busy morning!

Minis 2018: Episode 10 - Sep 5, 2018

Meet Hasina!

Meet Hasina who voiced Taliah in everybody's favorite Christmas story in Season 3!

Minis 2018: Episode 11 - Sep 12, 2018

Test Time

Madison has a test today. Did she really read the book, and can Reeder help her to prove it?

Minis 2018: Episode 12 - Sep 19, 2018


Devin is accused of cheating! Can Detective Lana clear his name?

Minis 2018: Episode 13 - Sep 26, 2018

Trials and Trails

Caleb's having trouble with his math homework, but Mrs. Torres helps him solve his real challenge.

Minis 2018: Episode 14 - Oct 3, 2018

My Hero

Chaplain Simon saves the day!

Minis 2018: Episode 15 - Oct 10, 2018

Mi Amiga

Peachie the Moose has one too many best friends!

Minis 2018: Episode 16 - Oct 17, 2018

Meet Principal Reeder!

Get to know Discovery Mountain Academy's favorite principal!

Minis 2018: Episode 17 - Oct 24, 2018

Lemonade Surprise!

Someone's selling lemonade down by the river. Someone suspiciously familiar to Jake...who could it be? Listen to find out!

Minis 2018: Episode 18 - Oct 31, 2018

Some Things Never Change

Madame Manager is running a lemonade stand in Discovery Mountain! Just how does Mr. Simon feel about this?

Minis 2018: Episode 19 - Nov 7, 2018

A Day Off

Mr. Simon deserves a day off! Will he be able to take a break?

Minis 2018: Episode 20 - Nov 14, 2018

Mrs. Lee’s Birthday

Mrs. Lee receives a birthday surprise and a mystery. Will Detective Lana be able to help her solve it?