Just In Time

The Discovery Mountain Camp cafeteria is falling apart! Will Mr. Simon's archenemy use the needed repairs as an excuse to hurt Discovery Mountain Camp, or will God send help just in time?

Season 4: Episode 1 - Jan 3, 2018

Maple Syrup Mission

Jake runs out of maple syrup for his pancakes. His mission leads to the discovery of a lot of problems at the Discovery Mountain Camp cafeteria!

Season 4: Episode 2 - Jan 10, 2018

New Job Jitters

Haddie is nervous about starting her new job at Bilsby Builders. Is Uncle George disappointed in her?

Season 4: Episode 3 - Jan 17, 2018


Haddie is assigned the job of taking pictures at an explosive event for Bilsby Builders! Madame Manager seems like a good boss—or is she?

Season 4: Episode 4 - Jan 24, 2018

For Such A Time

Can Haddie save Discovery Mountain Camp? This might just be her "Esther" moment!

Season 4: Episode 5 - Jan 31, 2018

Take One

Haddie has a plan to help save Discovery Mountain Camp and it involves nominating someone for the Boss of the Year Award!

Season 4: Episode 6 - Feb 7, 2018

Too Much Help

Lots of helpers arrive to make repairs on Discovery Mountain Camp. Will they get the work done or will Mr. Simon end up even further behind?

Season 4: Episode 7 - Feb 14, 2018

The Brave Queen

Haddie is feeling a little discouraged. Jake flies her back to Discovery Mountain in Blue Birdie to hear an important Bible story!

Season 4: Episode 8 - Feb 21, 2018

Boss of the Year

Madame Manager grabs her hard hat for her Boss of the Year interview. Will these interviews end the way Haddie hopes?

Season 4: Episode 9 - Feb 28, 2018

Auction Day!

Auction Day is here! Mr. Simon believes that God has things under control. Will the Camp be saved?

Season 4: Episode 10 - Mar 7, 2018

The Surprise

Mr. Simon has a special surprise at the end of the path to Lookout Ledge. What could it be?