Oshkosh or Bust!

The Discovery Mountain Pathfinder Club is traveling to Oshkosh for Camporee! Director Gary wants to drive the bus they always take and keep up the tradition! Is the bus up for the journey, or will it exercise our Pathfinders' faith—and patience?

Season 10: Episode 1 - Jun 19, 2019

This Old Bus

The Discovery Mountain Pathfinders are on their way to Oshkosh—everyone but one. Who will miss this exciting trip?

Season 10: Episode 2 - Jun 26, 2019

Greeley to the Rescue

The bus has broken down! Will the Pathfinders have to turn back to Discovery Mountain and miss Camporee?

Season 10: Episode 3 - Jul 3, 2019

Brotherly Love

Stan's arrived in Discovery Mountain with a message, the Pathfinders are on their way again to Oshkosh, and the bus still isn't quite right.

Season 10: Episode 4 - Jul 10, 2019

All Aboard!

There’s plenty of excitement as the Pathfinder bus gets pulled over, the bus breaks down again, and we meet some old friends along the way.

Season 10: Episode 5 - Jul 17, 2019

David and Goliath

Just when the Pathfinders thought they'd finally make it to Oshkosh, their train suddenly stopped! As they wait, Madison hears her imagination.

Season 10: Episode 6 - Jul 24, 2019


Natasha and Madison have a solution for the cow that's holding up the train, and we're reminded that God chooses us to go where we're needed most.