Mini Adventures 2022

Join us for a mini adventure in Discovery Mountain! The adventures are small, but the faith exercises are big!

Minis 2022: Episode 01 - Jan 5, 2022

Q&A #2 With Director Doug, Ms. Jean, and Producer Steve!

We're back to answer more of your questions! Let's talk faith tips, auditioning, Discovery Mountain Camp, and...Madame Manager the spy? Intriguing!

Minis 2022: Episode 02 - Jan 12, 2022

Be Prepared

Mia's big project is in big trouble...and the deadline's tomorrow! Is it too late for rescuing?

Minis 2022: Episode 03 - Jan 19, 2022

A Spider’s Umbrella

Can a wee spider change the course of kingdoms? Gracie and Ranger Bob follow an inspiring thread of history.

Minis 2022: Episode 04 - Jan 26, 2022

Time to Be Real

Madame Manager prizes her family's old clock. But when it comes to its real value, she's in for a shock!

Minis 2022: Episode 05 - Mar 16, 2022

Meet Olivia Olsen!

Amanda Ruf, the voice of Olivia, shares about being (not) spontaneous, maple pumpkin goodness, and her undying love for stories of all kinds.

Minis 2022: Episode 06 - Mar 23, 2022

Little Things

Line by line, they all add up... A city shopping trip teaches Harold the importance of little things.

Minis 2022: Episode 07 - Mar 30, 2022

Ruby Runs

Ruby wants to RUN! Genet just wants to keep her dog safe. How can she keep Ruby from racing headlong into danger?

Minis 2022: Episode 08 - Apr 6, 2022

Listen Up! Bloopers from Jake’s Take

A special treat for all our listeners: Producer Steve shares some hilarious Jake's Take bloopers from the Club!

Minis 2022: Episode 09 - May 25, 2022

Meet Officer Lewis!

How does Pastor Jason Levy, a man of the faith, find it so easy to play Officer Lewis, a man of the law? Find out in this behind-the-scenes interview.

Minis 2022: Episode 10 - Jun 1, 2022

Father-Son Day

A roadblock threatens to stall a father-son adventure for Officer Lewis and Logan. But a barrier can be a blessing—as the biblical Balaam learned.

Minis 2022: Episode 11 - Jun 8, 2022


Miracles seem to be everywhere in the Bible, but what about today? Hugo and Umi find something extraordinary during an ordinary after-school hangout.

Minis 2022: Episode 12 - Jun 15, 2022

Harmony Corner Challenge 5

It's Judge Barber on the hot seat as Peabody quizzes him on the story of Nehemiah. (Should be familiar territory!) Test your own memory as they play.

Minis 2022: Episode 13 - Jun 22, 2022

Q&A #3 With Ms. Jean, Director Doug, and Producer Steve

How did Ruben become the voice of Jake? Will Jake and Natasha get married? Would we ever do the show in a different language? More Q's and A's today!

Minis 2022: Episode 14 - Aug 10, 2022

Q&A #4 With Ms. Jean, Director Doug, and Producer Steve

Our 4th Q&A has us laughing and reflecting on past mistakes, continuity flaws, future teen roles, and the benefits and challenges of remote recording.

Minis 2022: Episode 15 - Aug 17, 2022

Too Tired

Delicious food is piled high at church potluck, and Daniel isn't one to hold back. Regret sets in with a post-meal soccer game.

Minis 2022: Episode 16 - Aug 24, 2022

Still Tired

After Daniel overeats at lunch, Pastor Peabody and Coach Mabel share some advice learned from their past health struggles.

Minis 2022: Episode 17 - Aug 31, 2022

Harmony Corner Challenge 6

The incomparable Jeanette Jones throws her hat in the ring—not literally, of course—and joins the game to test her knowledge on the book of Daniel.

Minis 2022: Episode 18 - Sep 7, 2022

Club Bloopers!

Producer Steve shares another round of bloopers from exclusive Club programs—some from Jake's Take, some from a new show featuring a certain ranger...

Minis 2022: Episode 19 - Sep 14, 2022

Marco Polo

To many people, swimming seems easy. Not to Mia! She's tired of sitting poolside, though—will she finally take the plunge?

Minis 2022: Episode 20 - Sep 21, 2022


It's swim lesson time again at the camp pool. Mia's got a sinking feeling in her stomach. Genet sets out to help Mia start floating.

Minis 2022: Episode 21 - Sep 28, 2022


While Harold barrels into the pool off the diving board, Mia ventures into the deep end with a kickboard. But is she in over her head?

Minis 2022: Episode 22 - Oct 5, 2022


With the guiding example of wave-walking Peter and Jesus, Natasha shows Mia the supportive power of trust, faith, and good old H2O.

Minis 2022: Episode 23 - Oct 12, 2022

School Stories

After a long day of teaching, Mrs. Olsen and Ms. Holt swap funny student stories—and encourage one another in the process.

Minis 2022: Episode 24 - Oct 19, 2022

Stormy Night

A powerful storm batters Discovery Mountain, causing its residents to seek refuge both physical and spiritual.

Minis 2022: Episode 25 - Oct 26, 2022

The Rescue

When a tree smashes a neighbor's house, Jake, Peabody, and Mr. Simon brave the dangerous site to provide first aid. Someone could be trapped in there!

Minis 2022: Episode 26 - Nov 2, 2022

Cleanup Crew

The cleanup crew at Mrs. Amos' house comes to visit her in the hospital—along with a wriggling furry friend! Mrs. Amos could use their kind company.

Minis 2022: Episode 27 - Nov 9, 2022

Kindness Overflows

Jake had a big idea about how they could help fix Mrs. Amos' home. He's about to put it to the test... Will her other neighbors step up and pitch in?

Minis 2022: Episode 28 - Nov 16, 2022


Haddie encounters a strange adoption agency. Inside, a familiar stylish businesswoman wants to adopt a daughter—but only one who's just like herself!