Minis 2019

Mini Adventures 2019

Join us for a mini adventure in Discovery Mountain! The adventures are small, but the faith exercises are big!

Minis 2019: Episode 1 - Jan 2, 2019

Miss Michelle’s Cafe

It’s Miss Lucy’s last day at the cafe, and she’s got something special planned for the occasion!

Minis 2019: Episode 2 - Jan 9, 2019

Apple Day Bars

Miss Michelle is experimenting in the cafe kitchen! Listen as she learns an old family recipe you might want to try yourself.

Minis 2019: Episode 3 - Jan 16, 2019

Meet Kayla Lewis!

Listen to this mini episode and get to know Tamhelda Yalape, the voice of one of our favorite characters, Kayla Lewis!

Minis 2019: Episode 4 - Jan 23, 2019


Wyatt isn't sure how to handle a difficult situation. He overheard something important, but he doesn't want to be a tattletale. What will he do?

Minis 2019: Episode 5 - Mar 13, 2019


Dr. Simon is worried about her patients. She finds a peaceful spot to wait for an important phone call. Will it be good news?

Minis 2019: Episode 6 - Mar 20, 2019

Meet Mr. McGee!

Get to know the man behind the "Yee-haw!" Meet Tom Martin, the voice actor who plays McGee (and more characters!)

Minis 2019: Episode 7 - Mar 27, 2019

Cookie Calamity

Mrs. Lee has an idea for a new cookie. Brody loves the cookies, but Jake isn't sure about them. Listen to find out why!

Minis 2019: Episode 8 - Apr 3, 2019

Get to Know Jamey!

Meet Naomi, the voice actor who plays Jamey, and learn how she got to choose the name for her character's dog.

Minis 2019: Episode 9 - May 22, 2019


Kayla doesn't want to leave Stormy alone! Will she manage without her even in this bad weather?

Minis 2019: Episode 10 - May 29, 2019

Dinosaur Dig

Jake takes the dinosaur bone back to Professor Z at the dig site, where he makes an interesting discovery.

Minis 2019: Episode 11 - Jun 5, 2019

Meet the Mud Guy!

Get to know Rich, the dinosaur expert from Season 9, in real life!

Minis 2019: Episode 12 - Jun 12, 2019


Jake's sister, Olivia, is getting married. Did Jake forget something important for the big day?

Minis 2019: Episode 13 - Jul 31, 2019


Haddie’s working at Camporee as a reporter when she meets up with her Uncle George. She discovers that quite a lot has changed in Discovery Mountain.

Minis 2019: Episode 14 - Aug 7, 2019

Find Ben!

The Discovery Mountain Pathfinders are at Camporee when Judah spots an old friend from summer camp wearing an orange bandana. Will he catch up?

Minis 2019: Episode 15 - Aug 21, 2019

Blue Birdie Shines!

At Camporee, Haddie and Natasha meet an old friend of Mr. Simon’s. The girls realize getting Blue Birdie picture-ready is harder than they thought.

Minis 2019: Episode 16 - Aug 28, 2019

Meet Jake!

Ms. Jean interviews Ruben Gomez, the actor who plays Jake on Discovery Mountain—alongside his many other roles at the Voice of Prophecy.

Minis 2019: Episode 17 - Sep 4, 2019

Feed Your Enemy

Riley and Julia are helping at the Discovery Mountain Camp cafeteria, and this week one of the campers isn’t treating Riley like he should.

Minis 2019: Episode 18 - Sep 11, 2019

Listen Up, Cupcake!

Tomorrow is Cook’s birthday, and Reeder wants to surprise him with cupcakes. In making them, Julia and Riley get a lesson in baking—and faith!

Minis 2019: Episode 19 - Sep 18, 2019

Meet Director Doug!

Meet Director Doug and we get to find out more about him, his favorite verse, favorite food and other projects he works on.

Minis 2019: Episode 20 - Sep 25, 2019

The Craft Disappointment

Julia’s about to receive some disappointing news and we learn that everyone has different spiritual gifts from God and He wants us to use them.