Keep Watch

Family dynamics can get tricky, and Discovery Mountain families are no exception! A mystery is troubling the entire Harris family...what will they discover as they face their past? And Jake and his sister Olivia are having their own problems. How can they understand each other—especially when they're so different?

Season 17: Episode 1 - Apr 14, 2021


Gracie's got her family's future all figured out—well, dreamed out, at least. She's in for some huge surprises, however!

Season 17: Episode 2 - Apr 21, 2021


Gracie gets Detective Lana to join her search for a secret Harris twin. But is Gracie using this family mystery to run from a scary family reality?

Season 17: Episode 3 - Apr 28, 2021

The Key

Grandpa Harris gets more than he bargained for in visiting with his granddaughters. Can he answer their questions and revisit a painful past?

Season 17: Episode 4 - May 5, 2021


Jake and Olivia's fighting lands them in Reeder's office, where the principal invites them—and Gracie—to learn from the story of Jacob and Esau.

Season 17: Episode 5 - May 12, 2021


Twenty years is a long time to be separated from family. Jacob wants to reconcile with his brother, but will Esau feel the same?

Season 17: Episode 6 - May 19, 2021


The Harris family is changing in a lot of ways! Through it all, they can trust that the same God keeps watch over all of them.