It’s Possible!

It's the holiday season in Discovery Mountain and almost everyone is heading out of town to be with family. The Cook family is looking for a quiet getaway as Wyatt's dad, Guy Watts, is getting out of jail and coming home. Has he discovered it's possible to change or will he be back to his old tricks again?

Season 11: Episode 1 - Nov 27, 2019

Mountain Getaway

It’s the holidays again—the time of year to remember what we’re thankful for. Wyatt’s particularly thankful because someone special is coming home!

Season 11: Episode 2 - Dec 4, 2019

Guy Returns

Guy Watts is finally getting out of jail, and Wyatt can't wait to spend time with his dad. For others, however, Guy's return is shrouded in suspicion.

Season 11: Episode 3 - Dec 11, 2019

Motorcycle Caper

The Cook family has found a quiet mountain getaway in Discovery Mountain. Jordan and Keyaira go hunting for something exciting to do.

Season 11: Episode 4 - Dec 18, 2019


Mrs. Lee reads a story to Brody and Natalia—with one unexpected listener! Is this an opportunity for our listener to exercise his faith?

Season 11: Episode 5 - Dec 25, 2019


Almost everyone's inside with family on this snowy Christmas morning. Wyatt’s waited so long for this day—but his dad isn't home! Where could he be?

Season 11: Episode 6 - Jan 1, 2020

All Things New

Miss Tamara's back early—what will happen to the Cook family? Chaplain Simon and his family are back home, too, as Wyatt gets ready for his big day.