Into the Fold

Everyone in town loves to visit the barbershop. Everyone, that is, except the barber's daughter— Addison. Will father and daughter find a way to reconcile in time for a happy holiday? Join us for a season of high-stakes searches, lost treasure, and faith in a God who never gives up on us.

Season 27: Episode 1 - Nov 22, 2023

The Barbershop

Leon Tremblay has a festive idea to minister to at-risk youth. Can he get any support? Meanwhile, the Harrises mourn the loss of their patriarch.

Season 27: Episode 2 - Nov 29, 2023

Poinsettia Plight

Pretty poinsettias should inspire smiles, not tears! Something's gone wrong... Also, not everyone's thrilled about hiking. Let's hear their reasons.

Season 27: Episode 3 - Dec 6, 2023

Ever Onward

Today’s the big hike! After an early morning start, the Pathfinders are in a bit of fog. Will the leaders' voices get everyone safely to the summit?

Season 27: Episode 4 - Dec 13, 2023

The Search

Ever lost something irreplaceable? Did you panic and search EVERYWHERE you could? Emily Harris and Leon Tremblay know that feeling all too well!

Season 27: Episode 5 - Dec 20, 2023

Lost Sheep

Young Zeb isn't sure shepherding is his calling. But then he hears an eye-opening parable from Jesus. There's no greater purpose than saving the lost!

Season 27: Episode 6 - Dec 27, 2023

The One

Leon fears heights, but he would scale Everest for Addison! This Christmas, we learn that one dad's love—and one Father's—really can change the world.