Harmony Corner

Peabody learns that the Harmony Corner Church in Discovery Mountain is in bad shape, and the town learns to exercise their faith through teamwork and prayer.

Season 12: Episode 1 - Feb 5, 2020

Peabody Prays

The Harmony Corner Church in Discovery Mountain looks a little run-down. But who in town has the time and money to fix it?

Season 12: Episode 2 - Feb 12, 2020

Mission at Midnight

Peabody's ready to help fix the church, but getting a working team together proves to be tougher than he realized.

Season 12: Episode 3 - Feb 19, 2020

On Our Side

Barber's been talking to McGee and Madame Manager about the "property" at Harmony Corner. What does Barber want? Can he be trusted?

Season 12: Episode 4 - Feb 26, 2020


Everyone’s worked as a team to fix up the church, but just when Peabody thinks it's all done, he's going to face his biggest challenge yet!

Season 12: Episode 5 - Mar 4, 2020


Even after being re-dedicated, Harmony Corner Church is still missing something. The Bible's story of Nehemiah offers some clues to a solution.

Season 12: Episode 6 - Mar 11, 2020


Today another re-dedication program is planned for the Harmony Corner Church. Will it be enough to keep the little church open?