Happy Birthday!

Mr. Simon is feeling a little down, but the people of Discovery Mountain know just the thing to pick him up again. Meanwhile, everyone remembers some of their fondest memories from Discovery Mountain over the years.

Season 21: Episode 1 - Apr 13, 2022


Imagination comes alive as Genet's dad Steve learns about Daniel in the lions' den. Meanwhile, Natasha worries about her aging granddad.

Season 21: Episode 2 - Apr 20, 2022

Everybody Loves Jake

Jake and "DIS-AS-TER" seem to go hand in hand! During the latest crisis, though, his friends have to agree: Jake's plucky spirit always shines through

Season 21: Episode 3 - Apr 27, 2022

Ellie’s Peak

Haddie shares her secret plans for Mr. Simon. Mr. Garcia shares the inspiring story behind Ellie's Peak with Hugo while they hike up its slopes.

Season 21: Episode 4 - May 4, 2022

Future Hope

Judah's at college and has his whole future ahead of him—and his mother can't help but worry. What if he forgets his spiritual roots?

Season 21: Episode 5 - May 11, 2022

Goodnight, Umi

Bedtime stories are extra special in Discovery Mountain! Grab your popcorn for this tale of sorrow, promises, and faith that transcends generations.

Season 21: Episode 6 - May 18, 2022

Surprise, Mr. Simon!

Can Jake keep a secret? Everyone's hoping so as they count down the hours to the big surprise... Time to show Mr. Simon the true impact of his faith!