Family Matters

Clouded in mystery, Governor Troy Ward sends his children to Discovery Mountain. Emma and Ethan Ward meet relatives they didn't know they had and soon learn that family really does matter.

Season 5: Episode 1 - Mar 28, 2018

Who Are You?

Emma and Ethan Ward are about to discover more about their family than they ever realized!

Season 5: Episode 2 - Apr 4, 2018

Child of God

Emma and Ethan have a memorable first day at Discovery Mountain Academy!

Season 5: Episode 3 - Apr 11, 2018

Jochebed’s Faith

Jake and freshman Bible class study the story of Moses—a story Emma has never heard before.

Season 5: Episode 4 - Apr 18, 2018

Camera Chase

Parker Dean has kept the reporters away from Emma and Ethan—hasn't he?

Season 5: Episode 5 - Apr 25, 2018

Moses Remembers

Mr. Simon and Emma imagine what it might've been like for Moses as a teenager growing up in Pharaoh's palace.

Season 5: Episode 6 - May 2, 2018

Sister Splash

Why did Emma and Ethan's mom Kate stop talking to their Aunt Amanda? Let's take a canoe trip to find out!

Season 5: Episode 7 - May 9, 2018


With Mrs. Torres' help, Wyatt shares a family secret that just might help Emma and Ethan.

Season 5: Episode 8 - May 16, 2018


The Discovery Mountain Academy hike up Ellie's Peak takes an interesting diversion.

Season 5: Episode 9 - May 23, 2018

Better with Two

Ethan finally conquers his biggest fear!

Season 5: Episode 10 - May 30, 2018

Ward’s Wishes

Discovery Mountain just isn't the same without Emma and Ethan. How are they managing back at the Governor's mansion?