Faith Ripple

It's almost time for Discovery Mountain Summer Camp. But...there's just one problem. The summer camp planning committee can't decide on a theme for this year. It's also someone's birthday and her birthday surprise might just have a ripple effect.

Season 18: Episode 1 - Jul 7, 2021

Birthday Surprise

Everyone's stumped on ideas for this year's camp theme. But when Haddie gets the birthday surprise of her life, she finds the perfect solution.

Season 18: Episode 2 - Jul 14, 2021

A Good Cause

Camp's looking better than ever, thanks to Haddie's generosity! Mr. Simon is worried, though...can you give too much for a good cause?

Season 18: Episode 3 - Jul 21, 2021

Unhappy Camper

Charlotte isn't doing too well at camp. Counselor Natasha tries her best to help, while Counselor Jake is concerned about Charlotte's brother Cody.

Season 18: Episode 4 - Jul 28, 2021


Is Haddie's financial contact "trouble with a capital T"? Guy Watts and Mr. Simon fear the worst, and the consequences could be disastrous!

Season 18: Episode 5 - Aug 4, 2021


Ready, set...serve! The jog-a-thon is on, but its sponsorship and the drama production are in question. Can the show go on?

Season 18: Episode 6 - Aug 11, 2021

The Seamstress

One woman, Tabitha, and her acts of service changed history! Haddie, Charlotte, Cody, and their friends discover the power of the faith ripple today.