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We believe in supporting ministry families like the Peabodys in Discovery Mountain. That’s why we’re offering a special discount for pastoral families wanting to join the Discovery Mountain Club! Contact us for more information on the PK discount here.

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The Discovery Mountain Club is a recent addition to the Discovery Mountain family. We created the Club for listeners to exercise their faith a little deeper. Mountaineers (that’s what our Club members are called) enjoy unlimited, ad-free access to our entire catalog of Discovery Mountain seasons on demand. Plus, we’re busily creating new Club content you can’t hear anywhere else.

We’re excited about these fun exclusive programs! Mountaineers can hear Jake Donovan’s latest zany antics on Jake’s Take: An Oddcast You Can Trust, while Bedtime Bible Stories is a great, soothing way to end the week. And starting fall 2022, listeners can join Ranger Bob in exploring the wonders of the natural world on a new program called Creation Nuggets.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Club

The Discovery Mountain Club launched in July 2021. Here are our top 5 frequently asked questions about the Club and their answers below:

1. With the Club launched, am I still be able to listen to weekly Discovery Mountain episodes for free? 

Yes! We created Discovery Mountain for all families to listen to and exercise their faith along with us. The weekly episodes and mini adventures are still available at no charge like they always have been! Listeners outside of the Club may notice more ads in the episodes as time progresses, but the episodes will continue to be free to listen to on demand. 

2. What are Club members called? 

Our Discovery Mountain Club members are called Mountaineers. We hope that you join us and become a Mountaineer! 

3. Are there new things to watch and listen to in the Club? 

Yes! There are several Club-exclusive audio programs, including Jake’s Take: An Oddcast You Can Trust, Bedtime Bible Stories, Listen Up! and Writer’s Cut. Mountaineers can also watch videos that aren’t available anywhere else, too. There’s something new in the Club every week, and additional audio and video programs will be added in the future. Ranger Bob’s Creation Nuggets, for example, joins the lineup in fall 2022.

4. How do I get into the Club?

The hub of the Club is online, on the dedicated website discoverymountainclub.com. After signing up, Club members—Mountaineers—will receive a member number and password. Mountaineers will then use that information to log on to the site, where they can access exclusive Club content. The Discovery Mountain Club is open to anyone who agrees to the terms when signing up.

5. Are there any special rewards for being a Club member? 

Yes, definitely! We have plenty of special rewards and perks for our Mountaineers. These include: 

  • Early access to Discovery Mountain episodes. Mountaineers can access episodes in the Club a day before they are posted on the main Discovery Mountain website or on podcast platforms. 
  • Listening to Discovery Mountain episodes ad-free!
  • Access to Club-exclusive podcasts like Jake’s Take: An Oddcast You Can Trust, Bedtime Bible Stories, and Creation Nuggets
  • Access to exclusive videos like our live-action “Expeditions in Faith” series.
  • Exercising our faith together! Mountaineers help make the main Discovery Mountain program free for all families and help us create new programs. Our ministry is a shared faith journey.
  • Supporting the humanitarian work of Child Impact International. Mountaineer contributions help provide school supplies for children in Bangladesh. 
  • With more Club rewards and perks to come—stay tuned!

Do you still have questions about the Club that we haven’t answered? Write to us via our contact form.