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Criss-crossed fruit Pineberries may look like unripe strawberries, but they’re actually a cross between red strawberries from Europe and white strawberries from South America. They taste like strawberries, but are said to taste a bit like pineapple too. –

You read it first in this week’s The Factory in Guide magazine.

What do you call a berry that looks like a strawberry but is white with red seeds, and can have a pineapple-like taste? A ghost berry with a rash?! Maybe! Actually, it’s a pineberry! Some pineberries may also be blush colored, or slightly pink on the outside. But rest assured, they are NOT unripe strawberries.

Pineberries are actually a cross-pollination hybrid between the North American wild strawberry and the South American (Chilean) white or coastal strawberry. And, instead of yellow seeds, they have dark red ones. 

The North American wild strawberry is self pollinating and is easy to grow, but the white strawberry is not as easy to grow without the red strawberry nearby. About 20 years ago, Dutch breeder Hans de Jonghare developed the pineberry, and about five years ago, pineberries started becoming available in the United States. 

The pineberry is larger than the wild strawberry, but smaller than the more popular large red variety. They can usually be found from early May to mid June. They also have a shorter shelf life and because of this may be harder to find in stores on a regular basis. However, the nutritional value is just as good as the dark red ones. They both have great vitamin A and C, and  helpful antioxidant benefits.

Isn’t it amazing all the different kinds of fruit God has created?! There are so many options to choose from to keep our bodies in the best of health.  So, the next time you’re in the mood for strawberries, see if there are any pineberries available. Or better yet, grow some as plants! Just remember to have an American wild strawberry plant nearby to help with the pollination! Enjoy!

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