Are you looking for fresh and engaging Christian content to grow your child’s faith? Media that won’t have your child glued mindlessly to a screen, or cost you half their college savings in purchases or membership fees?

Discovery Mountain is just what you’ve been looking for! Stream our weekly audio adventures free and on-demand. Your child will love meeting Jake and the other characters living in Discovery Mountain—a town where the air is so clear you can almost hear your imagination. Jake and the others experience real-life situations where they exercise their faith in God, and they hear the stories of the Bible come to life just when they need them most.

No matter how you found us, we’re glad that you’re here. As Mr. Simon always says, God sends just the right people to Discovery Mountain, and that includes you!

Join the friendly residents of this cozy town for a Bible-based audio adventure as they experience mystery, overcome obstacles, and exercise their faith in God.

Start with the fun audio introduction below, and then scroll down and follow the links to begin listening to the full program. Thanks for coming along on our faith adventures!

Where Can You Listen to Us?

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Start From The Beginning!

Listen to Season 1 and join Jake and Jamey as they arrive in Discovery Mountain for the very first time!

Listen to a Recent Season!

Big changes are coming to Discovery Mountain Camp! This summer Major Ruhder is camp director and Joyce Holt his assistant. Joyce wants a fun, easy season, but the stern Major has other plans. As for the campers, one in particular is cause for concern—Hugo Garcia. Will he enjoy the planned activities, or will he stir up trouble?