Discovery Mountain Voice Actor Casting Call! 

Would you like to use your voice talents to bring a character to life in the town of Discovery Mountain? We’re auditioning talent from around the world for a few key roles, and we’re also on the lookout for voice actors to play one-time parts in our Bible stories. 

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

What to Know 

  • Discovery Mountain is a Christian audio drama for children and families that launched in 2017. We recently created the Discovery Mountain Club for those who’d like to level up their listening with even more faith-building content and opportunities. 
  • Our voice actors record in our Loveland, Colorado and Bowmanville, Ontario (Canada) studios, and they also record remotely from around the world. 
  • In order to be cast as remote actors, volunteers must have access to an approved recording studio or have their own approved recording equipment.
    • Email us at the contact information below for more information on approved equipment specifications.
    • If you don’t have access to quality equipment, please let us know and we can work with you.
    • For the casting call audition, equipment is not required and audio can be recorded on a phone or other device, then sent as an mp3 on the Audition page.
  • We welcome voice actors of all ages and backgrounds to audition. If you’re under the age of 18, please ask your parents’ permission before auditioning. 
  • Voice actors are volunteers and are not compensated for time or travel. 

How to Audition

  • You can audition right from home with no special equipment necessary. See the bottom of the page for the place to upload your files. 

Casting Call Script

This script includes all the characters in a dynamic likely situation with their personas. Feel free to voice as many alternatives, or voice with other individuals to flesh out the scene, or record only the lines pertaining to your audition itself. Submit those on the form here.

Current Casting Call 

We’re actively auditioning for these roles!

Principal of Discovery Mountain Academy

We’re looking for a male voice actor to fill this vital role at the academy now that Reeder is headed to the big city. This character is approximately 40 years old, married to the hospital administrator, and a father of two. He’s a fun-loving guy. He’s smart, a joker, a lover of Jesus, and cares deeply about his students. He’s tall, Black, and wears glasses and bow ties. He loves his family above all else, even when his kids create mischief for him at school. 

Teenage Son of the Principal 

We’re looking for an energetic male voice actor to join the principal’s family. This character is approximately 14 years old, has a younger sister, and has a big personality. He’s full of energy and loves people—which sometimes gets him into trouble and causes his parents to worry. He’s not tall (unlike his dad, which he worries about sometimes), Black, and loves to wear baseball hats—he collects them. He has a big personality and an even bigger heart. 

Doctor/Administrator at Discovery Mountain Hospital 

We’re looking for a cool-and-collected-sounding female voice actor to fill the new role of doctor/administrator at the Discovery Mountain hospital. This character is approximately 40 years old and is married to the academy principal. She’s smart, calm, and very patient with her patients. She loves Jesus and is a big believer in prayer, and she prays with her patients whenever she can. She’s small but mighty, Black, and the best person in town to take charge in an emergency. 

Town Librarian – Filled in Season 23 

We’re looking for a talented female voice actor to fill the new role of town librarian. This character is about 30 years old and single. She loves cats and is smart and filled with trivial knowledge. She also has interesting hobbies: skydiving, cave diving, and rock climbing. She loves danger as much as she loves books! She’s tall, thin, white, and a quirky dresser. She comes to town for the mountain adventures and stays for her love of the people. 

Open Casting 

We’re always on the lookout for talented voice actors for short seasonal roles and Bible characters of all ages! We keep auditions on file for 2+ years, so if you don’t hear from us right away, that doesn’t mean that you won’t hear from us eventually! 

For more information, contact us at

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