by: Tamara Barker & Kim Deardorff

Old Noah was (Noah was)
A man of God. (man of God)
Now he found grace (he found grace)
In the eyes of the Lord. (eyes of the Lord)

And while the Earth remains
Seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,
Winter and Sum-m-er,
And day and night—
Shall not cease.

Noah built an ark (built an ark)
And preached God’s Word (preached God’s Word)
For many years (many years)
To all that heard. (to all that heard)


And the animals came (animals came)
Into the boat, (to the boat)
And the rains came down (rains came down)
Till it did float. (till it did float)


And the sun did shine, (sun did shine)
They all came out, (hear the Word)
They saw the sign, (saw the sign)
Let’s sing and shout! (Praise the Lord!)